Concentrates and Extracts

Ever wonder what’s a concentrate and what’s a extract?

The essential differences between extracts and concentrates depend on how they’re produced, specifically how the trichomes are gathered.

Concentrates are made with or without solvents, heat, or high-pressure to accumulate the trichomes. Concentrates may use animal fats, ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, vegetable glycerin, vegetable oils, or water. If they’re made without high-heat or pressure, they’re made using a physical or mechanical process. These include, Hash, Kief, and Rosin.

Extracts are produced with high-pressure and heat with solvents like carbon dioxide (C02) or a hydrocarbon-based solvent. Examples of common extracts include Shatter, Live Resin, BHO, PHO, and Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

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