Marijuana as medicine

In small doses marijuana can induce a slight sense of euphoria. If ingested especially in larger amounts marijuana can produce a psychedelic side effect, which can impair the user for more than four hours. Not all patients will have the same experience from marijuana depending on one’s own overall health and metabolic rate. Your overall health and ailments will help you determine how you should use marijuana as medicine.

Here are some basics

Acute pain or insomnia try an Indica strains or an edible in the evenings.

Epileptics may find edibles or CBD more beneficial than smoking.

Suffers of PTSD or depression may find smoking, especially Sativa more therapeutic.

I also recommend reading “The Body Keeps the Score” Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma by Bessel A. van der Kolk, M.D.

Oncology patients should use outdoor strains which have a more complex cannabinoid profile especially CBD strains. Typically, Sativa has greater concentrations of CBD than Indica strains. Oncology patients looking to stimulate appetite should do so by smoking or vaporizing. Ingesting marijuana does not stimulate appetite but does help with pain management.

CBD also can be absorbed into the skin and many topical creams are available with CBD as an added ingredient. We highly recommend CBD topicals for patients with Melanomas.


For some patients or ailments smoking is not a viable option. When ingesting edibles, dosage is very important. Beginners should never consume more than 35mg of edible marijuana. Allow up to two hours for the ingested marijuana to take effect. Never double dose thinking, “its not working”. We recommend taking any edible before bedtime to mitigate any psychedelic side effects.

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